Cassus Farr

Force Sensitive Mandalorian Mercenary


Cassus Farr was born from the forbidden union between a Mandalorian super commando father and an Alderaanian Jedi mother of noble birth. This unfortunately caused his mother to be expelled from the order. When it was discovered that Cassus was almost certainly force sensitive his mother had him sent to be trained. Possibly do to his Mandalorian upbringing he was a natural at learning the Seven traditional Forms of the Jedi Order so much so that he became a favorite student of Count Dooku. At some point in time he became very critical of the methods of which the Jedi Order operated especially there association with The Republic and its growing corruption. The last straw came when at the conflict following the Battle of Galidraan resulted in the death of his father and nearly all of the other Mandalorins under the command of Jango Fett. This incident caused him to leave the order and return to his mother on Alderaan.

At some point during the Clone Wars he was hired as a mercenary commander by his old friend and mentor Count Dooku to fight for the CIS. In this role he found great success.

Cassus Farr

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